World-class custom made cakes in San Juan? Cake Concepts bakes your dreams come true!

Cake Concepts Unlimited specializes in custom cakes for weddings, children and dessert buffets for all of the San Juan-Manila region. The themes can be based on whatever you like: hobbies, occupations, age, favorite food or perhaps a city you really love. Also when it comes to styles you can leave it all up to us. Whether you are looking for cakes in a classic, fun, modern, simple or outrageous style, we will be happy to bake you your own fantastic creation. Cake Concepts Unlimited in San Juan leaves no doubt about it: for real world-class custom made cakes, we are the place-to-go!

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What we can do for you

Cake Concepts Unlimited offers a wide range of cakes for the whole of San Juan and beyond. We are experienced with baptismal cakes, adult birthday cakes, children's cakes, cookie balloon boquets, corporate cakes, cup cakes, debutante's cakes and all types of wedding cakes. We guarantee a personalised serivce as well as expert advice. Our team of enthusiastic and dedicated cake designers, decorators and bakers will translate your dream into a delicious, totally unique and superb looking cake. This is not just about cakes anymore, this is about an experience.

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Variety of cakes from Cake Concepts in San Juan

How it all started

Cake Concepts Unlimited from San Juan saw its first light in 1996. The company started from a simple idea: that we could deliver top notch and truly personal cakes for any event as well as for every person's taste. We intitally worked on wedding, birthday and debutante's cakes, but soon expanded our field of expertise and nowadays we create all kinds of cakes. Our quality, craftsmanship and personalized design has convinced many and gave the company its present-day status as the ultimate place to go to when looking for something really special.

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